Dreams look to be confused images that don’t lag a legitimate sequence. Many people have tried to decipher their hidden meaning, while other people understand that they have no meaning at all. The truth is that dreams are very significant and their meaning can be accurately translated. However, we have to larn the symbolical dream language in order to be capable to understand all dream messages.

After conducting backbreaking research, I reasoned that the method of dream interpretation detected by the psychiatrist Carl Jung was the merely one that could be applied to any kind of dream, while other methods looked to work merely for specific types of dreams.

Freud’s method of dream interpretation could be utile for dreams where the dreamer was a combat-ready personage. He believed that all dreams fulfil the dreamer’s subconscious desires, which were not accepted by his or her witting judgement. His method was wholly useless and inexplicable in many cases. His associations were established on suppressed intimate desires, and could not explicate dream scenes that didn’t redound human activities.

Adler’s method of dream interpretation was established on the desire of superiority of the dreamer’s ego. His associations were alike to Freud’s associations, with the difference that he seen an inferiority complex to be the chief attribute creditworthy for reflecting conflicts in the dream images.

Many other psychologists tried to construe the meaning of dreams, developing assorted theories. However, merely Carl Jung tried to detect the meaning of the hidden dream language, without falsifying the dream messages with his personal opinion.

After entirely following Jung’s method, I not only verified that he was correct, I continued his research in the nameless region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. This was how I detected the existence of an untamed conscience in the human brain that he failed to glimpse. The anti-conscience is our crude conscience, which didn’t germinate like the human side of our conscience. The anti conscience provokes genial illnesses and genial disorders within the human side of our conscience in order to destruct it.

Jung detected that dream language is made with images alternatively of words. These images cannot be interpreted when we analyze them established on the logic of our conscience. We have to larn the meaning that the unconscious mind gives to the images it uses in order to direct us hidden messages. These messages are hidden to our conscience, but we can study and larn the meaning of the symbolical dream language.

These messages have to be hidden because they defend us from the anti-conscience’s attacks. If our conscience could instantly understand them, the anti-conscience would understand the unconscious messages too, and we wouldn’t have any protection against its attempts to destruct our human conscience and control our behavior.

I transformed Jung’s complicated and time-devouring method of dream interpretation into a dynamical method of instant dream translation. This way, I managed to result to the world that dream therapy provides the most effectual treatment for all genial illnesses and genial disorders. Once we larn how to instantly interpret the dream images into words that we can understand, the unconscious messages go very open. We merely have to lag the unconscious guidance in order to acquire arrant genial health that will predominate throughout our lifetime.

Written by Interpreter Articles