Are you looking for all information anyone may have concerning what does my dream intend? The philosophy (and that of many interpreters and psychiatrists) is to stare at each part of the dream as an aspect of yourself.  Example:  You dream of a dog chasing you, and you’re running scared.  You g a tree, and you climb it.  At the top of the tree, you find a huge, shiny, red apple and you bite it, and it’s the most delicious apple you’ve ever tasted!  The way I might interpret it, for example, is care this:  The aggressive part of yourself (the dog) has emerged to encourage the apprehensive part of yourself (you running) to strive (climbing) to reach the part of yourself that desire adventure through travelling and exploring (big apple, as in New York). 

There are many riddles to solve inside our own minds.  Dreams are one way to figure out what is going on in there.  Although it is tempting just to fly every night, I try to do more than that.

However, I have noticed that sometimes the dreamer is too folded to the dream to understand their own symbols.  For example, a friend of mine is pretty good at understanding and deciphering the dreams of others, but when it coming to his own dreams, he is utterly clueless.   I think most people have difficulty with their own dreams.  Sometimes many of the symbols are deliberately disguised to hide information from ourselves.  We see it, understand it, but can’t decipher it.  Other people lack a certain education or understanding of dreams.  

Remember that only you know what each component in a dream means to you.  Others can suggest things to help you remember, but since it’s your subconscious, only you can get that sense of familiarity or “deja vu” that will help you interpret the meanings of your dreams. 


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