Dreams are a reflection of interior and out experiences. Visions in dreams incorporate fragmented images and feelings of what has been seen, experienced and thought.  They could be said to be a blending of conscious observations and subconscious reactions.

Spiritual Understanding and Dreams

 In dreams the witting and subconscious work jointly o uncover insights about personality, spirituality, hopes, fears and aspirations that are frequently hidden from the cognizant-self.

 Dreaming is an experience shared by all people and yet dreams themselves are a personal, intimate experience; this is why interpreting dreams can be an intricate process. Despite the many interpretations given in books and on web sites for dream symbols it must be remembered that different dreams will mean different things to different people.

 Dreams then tin reveal answers or can at least provoke the conscious mind to question messages received from the subconscious in dreams, to consider what they may reveal.

 Your Dreams and Remembering Your Dreams

 It can also take time to learn how to remember dreams, especially for those who rarely remember a single dream. This does not mean they don’t dream or that they’re unimaginative. It merely indicates they’ve never learned the habit of dream-recall.

 Dreams can be colourful, entertaining, enlightening, farfetched, weird, amusing and of traversing scary. Keeping records of dream can show a common theme cropping up repeatedly.

 Dream images can be compared with outside influences and experiences. Some dreams are meaningful, others can be recognised as being merely wishful thinking or being a reflection of being too hot, uncomfortable, having toothache or even needing to go to the bathroom!

 Interpretation of Dreams and Meaning of Dreams

 Different type of dreams include:

Recurring dreams – The content of these dreams have little deviation; they can be positive or of nightmarish content. These may be the result of unresolved conflict within the dreamer. Once the solution is found, or a situation faced up to, the recurring dreams may stop.Epic dreams – These drams are so vivid and convincing that it’s difficult to ignore them. When waking from these dreams the dreamer might feel they’ve discovered something amazing about themselves or their life. Details of these dreams can remain with the dreamer for years.Healing dreams – These dreams might reveal potential health problems to the dreamer and send messages relating to physical, emotional and spiritual health.Nightmares – Disturbing dreams that leave the dreamer feeling anxious on awaking.Prophetic dreams – Seeing the future in dreams. One theory behind this is the subconscious mind picks up signals the aware-self don’t notice and is able to explore possible conclusions. Others do see the future in their dreams with no sensible explanation.

Learning to recognise types of dreams is another step towards being able to analyse dreams more successfully.

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Written by Carole Somerville
Professional Writer and Astrologer