The Ancient Greeks saw dreams as either prophetic or warning in nature. In dreams, imagery tends to be symbolic, representing incidents, present problems and events that are yet to be. Scenes, people and objects may not necessarily represent themselves. It is important to remember that some symbols might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else therefore when interpreting dreams, if the interpretations I suggest of the symbols don’t ring true for you, spend time meditating on the symbol to work out what your dreams might mean.

Travel in Dreams

Dreams of travel can indicate difficulties within your career. The outcome will probably depend upon the amount of work you are willing to put into these ventures. If you are travelling alone, this is a warning to avoid unpleasant events, but if it is loved-ones who are travelling with you, this gives warning of delays in personal matters. To journey with a crowd suggests fortunate adventures, and new and interesting friends.

If it is a train that features in your dream, and you are travelling alone, there is the possibility of a legal matter coming out in your favour. Advantages will come your way if you are travelling with loved-ones in your dreams.

Flying is a form of travel, and to dream you are flying in sunshine, tells you that you are currently worrying over nothing. Success is on its way, despite your uncertainties. If you are flying over muddy waters, you should keep a close eye on private affairs.

Recognition will come your way if you dream of flying in a plane. If you see a plane, you might also expect success.

Ships and Sailing in Dreams

For a young woman to dream of sailing swiftly over the sea with her lover, her most cherished hopes and desires are about to be fulfilled. To dream of ships also suggests unexpected success. To see a ship in a storm tells you to be careful in business transactions. To see someone shipwrecked indicates that you may try to come to the help of a friend in need, but this may be in vain.

To see a yacht in a dream indicates happiness after some troubled circumstances. If the sea is smooth, good luck will come your way. A rough sea however, could mean disappointment.

Traffic and Autmobilies

A traffic accident could mean some loss of money. Being stopped by a traffic warden is not such a bad omen. It actually suggests that you will enjoy an active life!

Seeing cars in your sleep, does signify a journey and possible changes that are ahead. To journey in a car suggests possible rivalry in business.

If you are riding a bike, a decision has to be made. Give this your serious consideration and then act on what you, and no one else, feels is right. Riding a bike uphill, suggests bright prospects but if you are riding it downhill, be on your guard against possible misfortune.

Journeys and Expeditions in Dreams

A journey suggests possible changes in circumstances. The type of journey will give indication of what might happen because of this. If your voyage is a pleasant one, the outcome will be good. If, however, the path is difficult, or the weather stormy, then you must proceed with caution.

To dream of an expedition is favourable, more especially if you manage to fulfil the purpose of the expedition. If you don’t, however, carry out what you set out to do, then this could indicate money losses or worries regarding your career.

And finally, in this section, if you dream of sailing on calm waters, happiness is ahead and current worries and anxieties will soon be resolved

Written by Carole Somerville
Professional Writer and Astrologer

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