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Why should smartly build Vocational Education ? How to train first-class Technology Workers? Advanced Vocational Students can acquire?…… Recently relinquished “National Reform and Development Program for retentive-term (2010-2020)” (Draft for Public Comment), to answer the social questions of the vocational education and requirements for the design of vocational education is more educated Multi-taught path, and strive to help them achieve sustainable development career.

Development: the existent situation in the inevitable choiceDraft proposed: co-ordination of lowly vocational education and higher vocational education. Sound multi-channel input mechanism, increase vocational education investment.

Continuing Education Program Strategies Topics Deputy director of the China Employment Chen Yu, vice president of Association that China’s 1.3 billion people from the basic national conditions, promotion of employment, improving people’s livelihood, solve the “three rural” issue, ease of labor supply and demand structure of vocational education conflicts require major development. Us at such an early industrialized countries, may need more to operate, to hands, to complete high-quality products, providing quality services, so the meaning of such a framework is necessary to put and Vocational Education sex education in both academic position.

Data show that China’s urban workers and skilled workers account for the total number of 1 / 3, from the developed countries, 1 / 2 level still lags slow. Moreover, each year 600 million rural middle school graduates can not accept the world-wide high school education, if direct access to jobs will greatly reduce the quality of workers.

According to the design draft, 2020, gross enrollment rate of higher education and high school enrollment rate will reach 40% and 90%, which means at least 50% of senior high school graduates To go directly to jobs. To this end, the development of vocational education is also important for the structure of employment and harmonious way.

Chen Yu stressed that the problem of agriculture, the rural labor force quality issues must also develop secondary vocational education. Currently China has cl million migrant workers around. For this, outline proposed “accelerate the development of vocational education for rural areas.”

Recent years, steady improvement of agricultural vocational education. According to statistics, China’s secondary vocational education in agriculture from 2003 Enrollment numbers increase to 20 million to 29 million by 2008. Higher Vocational Education Enrollment numbers related to agriculture students in school a few people from 97,000 in 2003 to 16 million in 2008.

Training: The level of core skillsFor “labor shortage” and “difficulty in finding jobs” and other hardheaded issues, draft vocational education with special attention to characteristics of the “school enterprise Cooperation “Mode.

Vocational Education Program, head of strategic topics, vice president of China Institute of Vocational Education Week Scholarship, said that at present many companies reflect not hire workers, and workers can not find work, the most fundamental reason is that workers quality has not kept up, not adapted to the needs of post. Draft requirements “based on ability to enhance vocational education”, “development of legislation to promote cooperative education school and enterprise”, “formulate preferential policies to encourage enterprises to receive practical training students, to encourage enterprises to increase investment in vocational education.” This is to vigorously promote skilled Talent Training Mode.

Beijing vice president of educational research, said Wu Yan, vocational education training is based on the skill of the person as a core quality evaluation system, not simply training the school’s own high quality skilled personnel, school-enterprise cooperation is the solution Vocational education and skilled employment type that features the better means, which is common practice around the world in general.

He suggested that industry enterprises to participate in vocational education through the first should reflect the corporate social responsibility, followed by vocational education to reform the mode, relying on industry enterprises to establish a training base for training of teachers to encourage teachers to the practice of enterprises. Third, we must increase the intensity of the relevant preferential policies of the tilt, more support for vocational education business development services.

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