The future of online translation
Today, given the eminent demand for translation services and proffer dramatic nonrecreational translators freelance, many agencies are born with their translation online translation services let exhaust to the many requests they have from both companies nationally and internationally.
An online translation service translation is executed through internet, by nonrecreational translators without anthropoid contact between the parties involved in the process, yet with a plus result of practicality and nonrecreationalism.
An online translation service obviously has more advantages than disadvantages because of the effectiveness, agility in organising projects and translators and aggressive prices proffered. Furthermore, the customer, whether a company or idiosyncratic has absolute access to translation and can check up on its status at any time. New technologies and incomparable software translation so permit.
It is true that the translation tools, programs, etc.. collaborate, much to the translation process, but the quality and reliability of the ensuing document can only come from the hand of anthropoid translators and not machines

Thanks to globalization, the place where they are customer and translation services is not relevant. With an uncomplicated Internet connection, a contact phone number and acceptable people behind the computer, any translation project is an adequate solution on the network. Also any translation agency worthy its salt will proffer a guarantee of service for customer peace of mind.Clearly, then, that online translation is already a fact and that does nothing but mature and be at the head of one of the most democratic online services much computerized world we dwell

What is a translator freelance?
Being translator freelance, in a completely computerized world we live in as it should be understood as “liberal professional” in the sense that one works for himself outside a business establishment having tax obligations, remain constant, although more flexible schedules in the organization and any other profession.
Unfortunately, not many people have a clear conception of what it means to be a freelance translator seems common the fact that translators are forced to justify and are constantly giving explanations of their work without being “highly regarded” as serious professionals.
Other groups in the same situation are computer programmers, explicit designers, web developers, etc.

The years of study, language translation development, promotion and sacrifice to justify the freelancer situation apparently not sufficient in an environment of globalization, unfortunately, but increasingly sectors consider telework as a reality and what society will accept as a respectable professional job with advantages and disadvantages like any other.
Among the advantages of freelance translators may be adverted more elastic hours, a salvaging in transportation costs, not having the figure of the “boss” that warrant the work, the acceptance or rejection of papers. However, on the other hand, there are also disadvantages, much as loneliness to which is subject to the translator, anxiety, inactivity, failure to disconnect from their work for fear of misplacing latent customers, and so on

Having selected a profession has an incomparable merit given the alcoholic will that is to demo superior Language tied in services, from a computer with internet connection and a went on effort to happen and keep customers fulfilled with the results of translation taking into account the ample number of freelance translators today.
Telework and freelance translator have been born as a result of globalization and adaptation to the world of work and family and its function is to provide options and solutions to the high demand for translation required by large enterprises, SMEs and individuals

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