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Kannada is the official and administrative language of Karnataka and widely spoken by the people. The popularity of the language has crossed the country’s boundaries and reached to outside world as well. Now, English to Kannada translation is playing a vital role in this business world. As English is the main language used for various international businesses whose extension has become widespread. Globalization and Liberalization, the two processes adopted by the world has actually opened door for many businesses. Within these two processes India also submerged and involved in the world business. Most importantly, it has secured a good position in the global market and became a destination full of opportunities which attracted the corporate giants who are throwing a lot of investments in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is one of the leading business centers which have caught surprises of many corporate people even from the abroad.

In Bangalore Kannada is the main language used for a variety of purposes like in office, administration and in businesses. There are certain circumstances in which a necessity of English to Kannada translation arises in order to have proper mutual understanding. For elaboration, many people from different regions, be it Indians or foreigners, having no capacity to understand Kannada but have important work with those Kannada speaking people usually seek English to Kannada interpretation services. Apart from the business sphere, English to Kannada translators are being used to translate books of many different requirements.

There are many reasons which need Kannada translations, some people originally belonging to Karnataka require English to Kannada translation for an official purpose like writing application, legal matters, school books and many other things written in English. As today it is a common phenomena that people have less time at their disposal to be able to do everything; it is the reason they hire professional translators to do their jobs.

Gone are the days when people used to turn down learning Kannada, but now a realization came in them, saw the increasing scopes and are rushing towards it. Kannada translators may find full time or part time employment depending upon their interests and availability. Most of the time it is seen that translators work either as freelancer or under certain translation service providing organizations.

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