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Car do not do changes

1: enlarged and reduced exhaust —- the exhaust back pressure, low-twisting fall, the engine exhaust valves will be easily destroyed because of high temperatures.

2: Mushroom made —- loaded into the lower gas inertia, low-twist will worsened, increased fuel consumption, low-toned powerless.

3: add a balance bar, horizontal bar —- local vibration is more severe, will permanently damage the body.

4: modified audio, positive subwoofer —- interior parts must be razed, a split will surely break, a different degree of damage, the car parts will be removed several times an abnormal sound. Subwoofer volume exaggerated owners will unknowingly damage heard, often made eminent-power audio circuits overloaded, easy to firing switch, causing a shooting.

5: Increasing fuel, Lubricating oil —– Gasoline detergent additive will dissolve oil line fuel filter to plug in directly after the impurities Nozzle, Oil additives, oil is only applicable to moderate burn the old car, any car added to the list will lead to fever and severe wear.

6: enlarged Tire —— Initial weakness, slow speed, steering wheel activity sector accelerated wear.

7: installation of more coarse Ground —— Lead to potential high voltage transmission line is not normal, shorten the Fireworks Cypriot life, sometimes the computer will be confusion, increased fuel consumption.

8: car perfume —— almost all chemical fragrances, toxic, on the interior Plastic A brittle corrosion, long time will somehow burst, a great health hazard. Card in the air conditioning ventilate perfume bottles often manicure off air outlet guide film.

9: car door, etc. must be removed within noise —– decoration, remember, a split will hurt. Noise can only be a vehicle to complete the production process to do, can not be tamper with. And the silencer is complex, not the results posted there, which is a balanced acoustic offset problem. Often separated the door you will hear the engine noise is more obvious sound of the engine compartment will result in abnormal noise sound more messy car. Every once removed, there is always gong silky tooth loss, or plaque plastic buckle broken. We have to understand the principle of people’s professional and moral qualities are different. Some attached to the metal on the door, once the collision repair needs, it became psoriasis.

10: chassis sealing plastic —— 99% of the original cars have this at the production, and are compact enough. Up will be chaotic spray should not be sealed under the seal of the chassis where the consequences of such maintenance and repair only discovered.

11: change headlight bulb —– increase the power will be directly over the original design of the temperature values, it will melt a few days burning lamp bowl reflective layer, more and more dim light, reason is that light bowl fully reimbursed. The headlamps are now transparent synthetic material cover more than the temperature will begin to turn yellow and gradually produce an article of small cracks, lamp current will slowly burn big headlight switch circuit, causing a fire. For white high-pressure gas lamps could not see objects at night, many people do not know the level of car headlights are nearly a million or tens of thousands, do not go to random change.

12: closed Glaze —– C% scam, it is just a hard wax and the like, will need to use high-temperature dissolution of illume, this process can cause overheating paint internal injuries.

13: car leather leather wax —– class of tiny pores are infiltrated anything to clean out again, stitching is a hit not even think about washed out after the wax.

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