Humorous Interpretation is an event with much to larn.  Between voices, physicality, and characterization alone the moderate HIer will be engaged.  One of the first things that every Novice to Humorous Interpretation wants to cognize is how to accelerate their pops.  Polishing pops so that they are aerodynamic, fluid, and lightening fast is a skill that requires devotion.  Polished pops can also be a separating feature that places your Humorous Interpretation above another.  Pops can be bettered by:

PRACTICE Your pops will not get any better unless you take the time to practice.  Even when you cognize your piece stale and finger that your pops are aesthetic, neglect to practice and keep on their crispness and they will get down to get careless.

Keep it tight A trick to having Humorous Interpretation pops look clean is to make them easy for you.  Instead of having these HUGE positions to pop into, why not keep your stances coy?  This is not to state that characters should have little variation between them!  It just means until you gain the speed to transition from a character who requires much space to one who is drawn into themselves, perhaps do not overstate the spacial difference as much as you can.

Plan your pops Know exactly where you are protruding to.  It’s kind of like Apparition in Harry Potter.  You have to cognize precisely where you desire to go in order to pop there successfully.  Go through your Humorous Interpretation script and mark out your pops.  Memorize them.  It might even assist to label a character and their stance with a number or letter (like the forward, “average” stance of the narrator is position 1 or A).  This method could help while in rehearsals if you get lodged on a line/pop–all someone could name is 2 and that might be all you necessitate to pop back into the script.  Also, creating a composed road-map of pops is yet another method to help you retrieve and study the pops before you even get down to polish.

Know the next line and character’s voice. This is a bit of an elaboration on the early advice, but it has been stated that some people larn their pops better when they can flawlessly hand over the next line with the appropriate vocalization (tone, pitch, volume, accent?, dynamics, etc.).  This is all a part of cognizing where to go because communicative memory is advantageous to muscle memory as well.  If your brain retrieves a character’s voice without question, then it helps make it easier for you to retrieve the choreography that goes with it.  Actors learn the lines (and thus vocalization) of a piece first, so if you have part A then part B will postdate; a careful line will be tied in with a careful bit of movement.  Bottom line? LEARN YOUR SCRIPT!!!!

Know your character’s physicality. Be bound to plan, and instinctively cognize, the position of your character’s feet, their facial expression, what sort of posture they have, how they keep/travel their arms, gestures, what direction they face, and any other note of characterization you have created.  Fail to memorise this and pops will take an eternity to larn.  

Begin s l o w. Humorous Interpretation pops are arduous because for amusing effect they be given to be very fast and alter from one distant to another (LARGE to little for instance).  Do not expect to master pops immediately.  Instead, get down by transitioning slowly and take in the movement.  Say the line as you do so to cement that cue in your mind.  As you memorise the change get down to increase speed.  Do so gradually and soon you’ll be astonished to happen yourself as fast as The Flash.

Heals? Ladies, heals and protruding have a “it’s perplexed” type of relationship.  They are abuzz on arduous surfaces–which can go disagreeable.  And many schools have tile floors.  They also proffer an altered danger of misplaced balance.  If you are ambivalent of yourself in heals, DO NOT WEAR THEM.  The last thing you desire is to fall over middle pop because of a mend.  If you do finger the desire to have on heals then it is proposed to use a wider one for some stability.  If you are a heal-popping master then congratulations!  Not only do your pops appear acceptable, you appear acceptable while executing them

Becoming the cheetah of pops in your Humorous Interpretation pear-shaped is no little feat.  You must endeavor for perfection, cognize your piece thoroughly, and be consenting to expend the time and effort necessitated.  Pops may be contrived to be undetected transitions that let for characters to flow, and bad pops might fulfil, but polish pops to near invisibility and when an audience member judges your technique you will stand up apart

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And above all, have fun!

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