There are many factors that go into understanding why we dream but most agree that the primary reason is that we may have something that is bothering us and this is making us to have insomniac unrest. Also many people have things that have happened in there past that were ne’er adjudicated decent or handled with and this will cause them to take those issues up while they are dreaming. Many times we have dreams that do not do any sense because they have people and places that do not check. This can hap because there are multiple issues that necessitate attention.

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Making your dreams more positive is possible but you need to really work on the issues in your life so that you can release the negative energy in your life and focus on the positive aspects. We all go through times of stress maybe it is financial or we have lost someone that was closed to us. These times are difficult to deal with because there is not a guide that tells you how to deal with your emotions so in many cases these emotions come out in the form of dreams.

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It is a good idea to learn what your dreams mean so that you can have a better understanding of why we dream and how your mind works. It is also great for your sleep if you can work on those issues that you have that may be unresolved so that they will not creep up on you in the middle of your sleep.

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