Reading and understanding stock market charts are significant for every person who wants to have a better trade and a vast profit. One sign that you can use in construing and what you should stare for in charts of the stock market is a doji. A doji can be represented by a cover, a plus symbol or an upset cover. This symbol means indecision and it is a sign that the stock’s price opened and closed at like value. Here are four leisurely steps in construing a doji in the stock market charts.

1. Secure a stock charting program first. Use a bar or candlestick chart to correspond the chart because the doji can but be seen at these format.

2. The doji shows the number of traders who are indecisive if where would the stock shift. Would it go downwardly or go up? It is besides a possibility that it will stay at that price for a sure time.

3. If you can glimpse a doji in the chart and it is in the process of moving up, it could intend;
•    the stock could reverse any time or
•    it only takes a pause and would increase the next day.

If the stock is in the downtrend, this could also happen in the stock.

4. Check if the price of the stock is near the support or resistance. Support means the price where the trades could be done and the price will not decrease for a period of time. While resistance means the price where the trades could be done but the price will not increase for a period of time. This is the time that investors await. It is in this time an investor could have huge profit if the stock price reverses.

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