Asus formally relinquished an entire range of UL lean and light notebook, Asus CEO Jerry Shen, this particular interview correct ULV lean the interpretation of this, he said ULV lean and light notebook market share next year, will be nigh to 20%.

According to Shen to present, ASUS acquainted the second generation of ULV lean and light notebook products, in terms of performance is the first generation of two times the battery life is 1.5 times the weight and volume did not increase compared to the first generation of products. The concept of this product from the first generation after the release of user feedback: Re-light and then can not sacrifice performance lean.

Shen emanate to anticipate that next year the market share of lean ULV ASUS will be near to 20%, “to keep this volume is nonetheless to go.” According to its introduction, the current in the world market share of the Asustek Internet more than 20%, if the Internet and in other lean the combined market share would be 50%.

Insiders understand that the future ASUS Internet this EPC is probable to cause some market pressure to this lean, Shen did not hold to this view. He believes that upgrading the efficiency of the total EPC will withal face restrictions. “We view the Internet as a second computer of this definition is the emphasis on the efficiency of the first computer to qualify, the most significant thing is the battery worked good.”

Asus battery performance of this on the Internet this slogan has go the Internet of this received, Asus sold to the United States and Europe, the Internet book, the user first consideration is the battery life. “Getting better and better access to this power, it could be done lighter, thinner.” Shen is.

Shen to the expectations of the UL series of notebooks and location of the “first computer”, and most users the principal computer. He likewise indicated away that the laptop has been found in the little and medium enterprises and consumers have blurred between the drawbacks, both for consumers and little and medium enterprises are very suited products, but also it is UL series is primarily pointed group of customers.

Third-party data demonstrate that Acer sent the Internet has surpassed the Asus, Jerry Shen, do not care, he accented the EPC product is the market pioneer, he has the Amazon, for example, whether it is positioned, the image is withal related about the degree of the ASUS products are the top few ranks. Jerry Shen likewise unveiled that next year Taipei Computex Asus will present more groundbreaking unexampled products.

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