The free text translation program is designed to translate short texts. It is not recommended for longer texts and documents. This translation programs offer solutions on various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Swedish and Japanese.

While using the free text translation program one should use correct spellings, grammar and punctuation marks for the quality translation output.  The output derived from such program should be cross check with the help of language expert. Otherwise it may lead to confusion and discomfort among clients in the long run.

Most of the leading free text translation program consists of more than 1500 dictionaries in more than 100 languages. Some translation program has more than 1000 language pairs to choose from. Full text translation or just translation of words and phrases can be checked through these sites. These translation programs also deals with cover slang, jargon and technical terms.

Free text translation program is quite an easy program which can be dealt even by a basic computer knowledge person. One has to follow the set of three very easy steps, choose the language to be translated (source language and target language). Copy and paste the text to be translated and click enter. Once the text translation is ready, it will be displayed in the right given frame or column. There is an option to save the translated text and send it through email. Therefore these free text translation program helps in various ways, such as socializing network of friends and family circle, collaborating deals with foreign client with mutual understanding manner, in the smooth run of agreements and transaction in the business.  Free text translation program is quite a popular an online program so it becomes handy for all to use the program and get immediate response.

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