Language Marketplace® provides quality French translation services that meet the needs of the most stringent industry requirements; and we do it with a methodology that gives our customers confidence.

Language Marketplace® is a company that doesn’t’t cut corners; we are one of the few translation service providers in Canada to be Certified for “Translation Services” as per the National Standard of Canada CAN/CGCB-131.10.2008 and EN15038.
The associated audits review such important points as mandatory proofreading by a second translator and many failsafe measures to ensure we meet the requirements of our customers.

These audits include items such as:

• Standard Operating Procedures within our process
• A formal Customer Concerns System that includes investigation and corrective actions including customer sign-offs.
• A methodology that ensures every translation is proofread by a second translator.
• A tracking system within our business framework, so that all information is easily understood and can be both tracked and traced.
• Firm requirements with regards to a Translator’s education and competencies, along with our internal testing procedures.

When thinking about “Quality”, it is important to understand that French translation is not a commodity and translators are not pegs on a board. Despite the fact that language plays such a critical role in how we interact with the world, surprisingly few people understand what is required to deliver a “good” translation; a translation that strives to express the same thoughts and impressions as the original text; a translation that strives to sound as if originally was written in the target language.