I’m hither to share with you information on functioning autistic behavior. Autism is a disorder that effects a persons senses, communication and connecting skills. It is something you are borne with and, at this point, will have for the rest of your life. There is no cure for this problem. There is just treatment that can be done and it isn’t e’er efficacious. I believe there is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to how the world-wide public views autism, so I believed it would be significant to assist people dig it in much better detail. I’m certain some of you have seen the strong-growing behavior shown on television. Well, I’m going to shed the light on this topic and demonstrate you the existent functioning autistic behavior that doesn’t redound what you may have seen in the media.

When it comes to the media, they’ll do their best to sensationalize anything to make it sound better (or worse). I’ve seen autistic children being very aggressive and I’ve seen them repetitively banging their heads into the floor. It is important to note that these behaviors aren’t a function of autism, but more of a function of their environment.

There is a lot to understand with autism. Imagine living in a world where you didn’t know how to communicate with other populate. Imagine feeling alone because you don’t know how to relate to others. This is what it is like to be autistic and you tin imagine how a child may lash out if they don’t have an environment that supports them. If an autistic child were neglected emotionally, then I’d only expect to see aggressive behavior. It works the same way with a regular child too. It’s important to cut through the misinformation of the media and focus completely on the functioning autistic behaviors.

One of these behaviors is the ability to properly communicate. A child lacks the verbal ability to do a lot of this, but within their first year they become very good at body language. If you smile at your baby, they’ll smile back at you. An autistic child will act quite differently in the same situation. You may smile, and they may look aloof. You may lock eye contact with them and they don’t look back. These are basic behaviors you’ll see from autistic children. It’s not something that is necessarily bad, but the good news is that with proper treatment they can learn the skills necessary to properly function.

Lastly, functioning autistic behavior really falls into the running of interpreting senses. Autistic children can’t be over stimulated. It’s sort of like there’s too much coming in and they can’t process it all. There are typically two outcomes; they ignore it or they have anxiety/panic attack. Typically, children will respond to loud noises. If a balloon pops, they’ll turn around and look. An autistic child will often act like they never heard a thing. This is a prime example of the senses not being interpreted.

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