In Modern times, a big number of unreal languages have too been contrived. In this multilingual world it is inconceivable for a person to compass all the languages at a time. But as far as globalization is concerned we have to be effective enough to deal with most of the world languages.

> In this situation translation and interpretation services become useful. The language experts who work for the translation and interpretation service providers help their customers to translate the documents and interpret the customer’s speech in an effective way from the source language to target language. The pro-active multilingual translation agencies in India who are armed with a troop of experts in various subject areas such as technical, medical, financial etc. are continuously trying to provide best possible accuracy of your document through their process of translation. Language translation in India have been booming during the recent years.

> Globalization has made translation service more useful and essential. Language is no more an obstacle for mutual interaction between countries. A country like India which is developing in a fast pace is technologically, culturally and intellectually involved with all most countries in the world. The best brains of India are offering their services both for their mother land as well as former foreign countries. World class educational institutes of India are inviting bright students from all over the country and the famed global universities are planning to open their campus at Indian soil. Hence translation and interpretation stand as useful tools to co-operate mutually among India and other countries.

> Therefore, translation service in India is growing leaps and bounds. The language experts are considered as hot intellectual properties and they play a vital role to enhance break the language barrier and are trying to enhance mutual co-operation among states and countries.

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