Google interpret is a very convenient tool from Google that allows you to caramelize a passage of text from one language into another. Whether you desire to interpret an email from a pen pal in Indonesia or chat online with a cunning Russian girl friend, Google Translate can rise to the occasion.

Go to the Google Translate home page and in the text field you tin enter a passage of text or a web page URL. Choose a language to convert to, there is a large selection of languages to select from, and press the translate button. Google will translate the text you input into your selected language or if you have inputted an URL of a web page, that page is loaded with all the text in it translated.

There is also a translated search function where you can input a search query in any of the supported languages and select a language to translate to and Google will return web page results that have the translated text in it. For example if you input “How to make chicken soup” in the search query box and choice Indonesian as the language to convert to, Google will translate that text into Indonesian, “Bagaimana membuat consume ayam”, and return web pages that feature that text.

Don’t expect perfect translations from the Google tool though.  If you use Google interpret to compose your French paper you may not get top grades for grammar. It will nevertheless assist interrupt language barriers to an outstanding extent and can be an utile companion on the World Wide Web.

Written by Translation Articles