Question by tangerine: Has a careful translation of a classical novel bankrupted your appreciation of it?
I once scan an edition of Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” that was interpreted by a woman who dwelt in Victorian England. Although I have read and basked several novels by Victorian British authors, I have to state that I still happened the language and composing style of the translator adust and leaden. I have actually sometimes inquired if I would have enjoyed the novel if I had read a more contemporary translation.

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Answer by Captain Atom
Some bad translations, particularly of Dostoevski and Tolstoy, have delayed my enjoyment of foreign novels, but not permanently ruined my appreciation of them. Dostoevski in careful has been disserved by beggarly translations. The modern Pevear and Volkonsky translations of many of his novels have been very clear-cut improvements, conveying his command of disagreeing speech patterns and infrequent humor

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