Question by Henry W: How can a school install a foreign language lab integrated into a computer lab?
I know this is possible to do because a junior college in our area has just this. Their very nice language lab looks like a computer lab when you first walk in but then you have headsets plugged into each CPU and the software for each language is installed on the computers.

What company makes and installs this kind of lab for high schools? Do they have a website? What would the cost be if all of the computers and networking is already installed?

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Answer by bljzzgrl
I would imagine that all it would require is the language software and the headphones to be purchased and hooked up instead of speakers.

As for companies to set something like this up, your best resource would be the Junior College. Contact their language department or if this is in a specific building contact their office. They could probably best tell you who did theirs, and who you need to contact.

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