Question by Jah: How can I copy and paste contents of a scanned document into Google translator. Please!!!!?
I am trying to translate documents from Danish into English. I know Google has a translator, but it requires the text to be copied and pasted into their translation box. The problem is that I am scanning these documents into the computer, and when I open the document to edit it, it doesn’t give me the ability to copy and paste, so that I can translate various parts of the document. Anyone have a solution to my problem? Any help would be graciously appreciated.

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Answer by Ron M
That’s because a scanner is actually a type of camera that takes a picture of what you are scanning. This eliminates your ability to edit the test. You could try using the OCR software that came with your scanner. It can make an editable copy of the text, but OCR isn’t perfect. It does not handle lines or layouts very well. Good Luck.

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