Question by nael T: How can i fix my language bar settings?I installed japanese language and its the default one?
Hi as the title suggests for the past 2 days the japansee language has been the main language for my pc when i write anything i have to press “alt+shift” to go back to english its getting annoying i had japanese language installed for a while but this problem is persisting for only these days any ideas how to make my main language english?Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Oliur
Try replacing shell32.Dll this will surely work.(link provided) Don’t forget to take backup of original shell32.Dll. You will find it in Windows\system32 folder. Replace the file with a system file replacer(if don’t know google it) This one is English.Here is a link. Http://dll.Downloadatoz.Com/shell32.Dll-file-download.html

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