Question by P. A: How can I get a Translator Certificate valid in Sweden?
I already have the Translator Certificate issued by the Romanian authorities. Is there any method I could obtain an equivalent? Or which are the local ways to obtain one?
I deeply hope that there are Swedish persons among us, over here.

Thank you in advance for support,

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Answer by Sthlm
There are no legal requirements for translators in Sweden to have any certificate, but very often employers or clients demand that the translator is authorised.

Kammarkollegiet (se below) authorises translators. Such an authorisation is always valid for translations from Swedish to another language or vice versa. It is possible to hold multiple such authorisations, but a test must be taken in each case. Kammarkollegiet also authorises interpreters in a similar way.

If you are authorised for translations to or from Swedish and have taken a test on at least the same level as the tests administered by Kammarkollegiet, you should under EU legislation, at least theoretically, be authorised in Sweden without additional testing.

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