How can I learn to be an English Dutch translator?

Question by Yoel O: How can I acquire to be an English Dutch translator?
I have a QTS which is equivalent to a BA in teaching and speak English and Dutch fluently. Would anyone know of a quick way to become a translator, maybe through home-learning or something similar as I prefer not having to go through college/university again.

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Answer by virginia_maryland
Most translators do training, because translation is not necessarily easy, even if you’re fluent in both languages: it’s not always clear how to translate things, some translation work involves technical terms which you might not know, or you might have to brush up your writing skills in either or both languages. However, there are lower level translation jobs where you won’t necessarily be expected to have specific translation training (although having an university degree helps). And you could work your way up from there.You could try less technical, less writing intensive jobs, for example.- subtitle translation for films- “localization tester” for video gamesboth of these fields should have English to Dutch translation work (and film may have some Dutch to English)

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