Question by Ziva: How can i learning melodious interpretation through dance……?
I’m teaching a dance class for Prac (as a student teacher) where i have been asked to teach music interpretation. Where do i start? What should i include? The kids are aged between 7 and 12 and have not done anything on interpretation before, although some of them have done casual ballet lessons.

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Answer by Reba
For me musical interpretation means you feel the music and interpret the meaning in the choreography. First choose music that is easy for kids to understand the meaning. You can even choose something that is instrumental but conveys a particular feeling.As an exercise you can have all the kids close their eyes and move to the music (either sitting or standing in place). Then you can teach them a short choreography. You can keep it simple and elegant, no need to do anything to intricate. (The older kids that have more dance experience may be able to pull off something a bit more complicated.)I like the idea of choosing a piece that conveys a specific feeling, like happy. Then you can use movements that convey that feeling to an audience. Like leaps etc.I’m sure you will do just fine, just keep it simple!

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