Question by Miss cutie: How can interpretation of dreams help us gain knowledge?
Could you please try to link Your Answer to at least one of the words/phrases below?
Pseudo-Scientific evidences,
biblical dreams,
limitation of dreams.

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Answer by Bill
Your questions are so concise it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re acking.
I don’t think the interpretation of dreams add much to any sort of knowledge. Such “interpretation” is almost always guesswork and incurably subjective, based on feelings and not on any sort of science.
I rarely answer any questions on this forum concerning “intrepet my dream, please,” because it is all guesswork.
What do you mean by “biblical dreams”? Dreams that occurred in Bible times or dreams you and someone else are having that are similary to Bible-time dreams or Bible themes? By the way, in the Bible stories, there were some dream interpretation, a few instances in over 3000 years of history, but the interpretation came by divine inspiration.
What do you mean by “pseudo-Scientific evidences”–something that seems scientific but is really fake?
What do you mean by “limitation of dreams”? Limited by what or whom and in what way?

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