Question by Vladblutsauger: How did the Finno-Ugric language family spread itself so erratically?
How come languages like Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian are in the same language family, yet they are so distant from each other with many countries speaking other language families in between? How did that happen?

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Answer by Reeda
Hehe, Estonia and Finland are really close to each other and that is the main reason. We understand each other with almost no problems because our languages are really akin. About Hungarian… they are indeed far from Estonia and Finland, but I think not so far. Though, Estonians and Finnish can’t understand any of Hungarian, the words are just totally antithetic. I opine the main reason why Hungarian is also Finno-Ugric language is that we have similar grammar. It’s arduous to explicate it to an English-speaker because it’s just insanely different. But yea, the grammar is similar. =)Oh yes, check up on out the other answers. They are acceptable

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