Question by flyingGOAT: How did the Vietnamese composed language appear b4 the French Colony came to Vietnam?
Originally, Vietnam had its personal clear-cut composed language which got dpersonal in the 13th century.However, when the French Colony came into Vietnam, their culture heavily acted upon Vietnamese written language, thus it went democratic and the avant-garde went less.So does anyone have any links that show this original written language? I have never seen it and am concerned.According to wikipedia, the writings appeared that of Japan or China, but of course it was antithetic in its own way.

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Answer by fr.peter
Hey goat,I’m not sure of this but…I thought that before the phonetic writing of Viet Namese, it was written using Chinese Characters, but using the meaning of the Chinese characters (like Japanese using Chinese characters as Kanji) and using the word order and word choice of spoken Viet Namese. Then when it was read, the Chinese character’s meaning was read aloud as the Viet Namese word.From a Chinese perspective, that is what happens when Japanese kanji is scan.I think this is the way; Korean was written until the attendant phonetic characters were espoused

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