Question by Sparkles: How do I go an attested translator in the US?
My first-string language is German but I dwell in the US and I’m articulate in both scanning, composing, and talking. I have been thinking about going an attested translator for a while. There are certification tests for that in Europe but I haven’t had any luck with happening tangible information about it in the US. All the sites I’ve been to are money scams. Does anybody here have any real live experiences as a translator, if so how did you go certified? Any utilitarian information is welcome. Thank you.

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Answer by βread⊆ℜumbs™
Your best bet would be to contact the United States Department of Homeland Security. This would comprehend the FBI, CIA, UN, Embassies, etc. Remember, being a translator for any country is grave business, it may not be all fun and games. You may at times, necessitate to interpret hundreds of pages of documents and you may have to interpret hours and hours of conversation.I hope this helps!

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