Question by Chris: How do I create a word-for-word translator with windows batch files?
I enjoy creating languages. If I could create a dictionary on my computer and then use it to create a word-for-word substitution program, it would make my hobby more efficient. I have windows xp and I understand a little bit about making batch files. But I do not understand any tangible programming languages. So how do I create a translator with batch files? And is there an easier method?

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Answer by exch
I’m not so sure batch files are going to be very helpful here. If you are grave about this, you’re best wager is to endow some time instructing yourself a somewhat more varied creating by mental act language.Basic, python or pascal are adverted here often for beginners. Microsoft is currently evolving ‘SmallBasic’. It’s specifically projected to instruct programming to people who have never executed it before. It teaches you about of import programming concepts without too much hassle.Since you bask languages though, I am traveling to presume you have a knack for larning them as well. In which case, you’ll happen learning a fresh programming language an easygoing task. Since they cling to inflexible structure, they are generally a lot easier than biological languages

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