Question by Sophie: How do I get an arabic translation in my passport for a business trip to Libya?
I am going obn a business trip to Libya and have been told I need an arabic translation of my passport. I am a little confused as I have looked into this already but it looks like a very messy job. It looks like one rule for the British Embassy in Libya and another rule for the Libyan Embassy in London. Can anyone advise me?

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Answer by GPapenburg
Yes you will need it. Check the IATA database which is provoded by aircraft carriers so that passenger may check their documentation requirements. ..It states:Admission is refused to those not holding passports (or accepted passport replacing documents) printed in the Arab language, in which case a translation in the Arab language of all personal passport details is required. Translation must be done by a sworn translator and affixed to the passport.The U.K. travel advice site provides further details. ..On 11 November 2007, the Libyan authorities reimposed a requirement for all travellers entering (and including those re-entering) the country to have an Arabic transcript of their passport’s details page. You can obtain a stamp in your passport, which provides the format for this transcript, from the Identity and Passport Service at .. ..UK travel authorities cannot provide the Arabic transcript itself. You should obtain this from a reputable translator, who will provide an accurate and legible transcript. The translator must stamp their translation. You should then submit your passport, containing the stamps and the transcript, to the Libyan People’s Bureau in London, in order to obtain a visa. Transcripts on a separate piece of paper are not acceptable to the Libyan authorities. If you travel without the correct transcript in your passport, you may not be able to enter the country.

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