Question by J: How do I get rid of the Whitesmoke translator virus?
I have a virus on my computer that opens every time I start it up asking me to run “whitesmoke.” I also have a program called whitesmoke translator that is on my desktop. I can delete it but the virus still remains on my computer. Does anyone know any information on this virus, and how to get rid of it? My norton wont detect it for some reason. Thank you!

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Answer by sbca0408
Scan & remove virus using Avast Free Antivirus( Available Windows & Linux version)update Antivirus regularlyIf Avast is not detecting Virus, then the best method to remove virus is to format the drive affected. If You have Windows XP,Vista,Win 7 then, most C:\ Drive that is system drive is to be can later remove virus from other drives using antivirus, as only your system drive is affected because of which you get the message un “whitesmoke.”For windows backup files & settings using: All Programs>Accessories>File & Settingd backup wizard.You will have to reinstall Xp & other software you will need.Run the Files & settings program to restore your settings.””””””””YOU ARE NOW VIRUS FRE”””””””””””””””””””

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