Question by TheNightSeeker: How do I make my own translator for free?
I want to make a translator for free. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, I have made my own language up and want my friends to use it so we can use a program to see what we are saying. Please, no stupid answers, I am being serious. It has to be free.

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Answer by Adam
Can you please supply what experience you have in the field of programming? E.G Which languages do you know?
If you have none at all.. It’s something that would take a really long time to learn and honestly wouldn’t be worthwhile.

But basically, it would involve a dynamic text input field which would be read in as a variable, split into an array (using the space as a splitting point), then each value in the array would be processed with a ridiculous amount of if/case statements.
Edit: Or you could create a translation table, and use a search function on it, to return the corresponding value.

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