Question by : How do translation and transcription occur and aid genes?
Can you check the accuracy of my answer? Transcription is the process where a gene is the template for mRNA, where polymerase literally transcripts the DNA to make mRNA, which via translation produces tRNA to make proteins. Should I add anything else?

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Answer by BerryCat
First of all, mRNA doesn’t produce tRNA- tRNA is an infolded RNA which carries the amino acid which corresponds to its anticodon which will attach to the ribosome. I think if you wanted your answer to be more accurate, you should add details of the processes which occur, but if you want an outline…Transcription is the process where the gene (on DNA) serves as a template for the production of mRNA, a copy of the base sequence on the gene. This mRNA is then used in translation where a ribosome, made up of two sub-units, interpret the base sequence and produce a polypeptide chain, made up of amino acids carried by tRNA, which will eventually become protein.

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