Question by Linger1017: How do you copy a translation on Google translator?
I was trying to copy and paste a translation (i speak english and had converted the text to Chinese) and it wouldn’t let me! any help?

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Answer by SumGuy
所有您需要做的是突出显示选定的文本,右键单击,然后按复制。然后,不管你要放置文本,右键单击并选择粘贴。如果这不起作用,然后使用复制快捷方式(Ctrl+ c)和粘贴快捷键(Ctrl + V键)。[All you have to do is highlight the selected text, right click, and press copy. Then wherever you want to place the text, right click and select paste. If this doesn’t work, then use the copy shortcut (ctrl + c) and paste shortcut (ctrl + v).]

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