Question by boayunho: How do you watch a plural language dvd on a Mac?
I have a dvd that only opens up the Mac version of Realplayer. The DVD plays in two languages. Normally on a PC, you could take heed to one language or the other by simply alining the volume settings to gone forth or proper. However, we don’t have that option on the Mac. I’ve sought appearing for antithetic settings on Realplayer to aline it, but I can’t appear to happen it. Any suggestions? I really don’t desire to watch a DVD in two languages.

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Answer by SilverTonguedDevil
Why are you utilizing RealPlayer to play a DVD? Open DVD Player instead.Someone made a supernatural DVD. If this is a commercially made DVD, it would only play one audio track at a time. I have never in my life come across a DVD that plays two language tracks at the same time, and I personal more than 200 DVD movies. When DVD Player first opens the disc, you should see a menu. Choose “Setup” or akin phrasing. Choose the audio track that you desire to get word. Choose the subtitles track that you want to see (or “off” if you don’t want to see the subtitles).Some movies have an arduous fired subtitle track that you can’t turn off (like credits), much as many Indian movies. Most Indian people talk English as well as their territorial language. You can usually also select the “gentle” subtitle track, such as French, Chinese, or whatever. In that case, you would see two composed languages at times

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