Question by asterisk: How does foreign language learning compare at the high school and university levels?
Just out of curiosity. I get the universal idea that in an university, the pace is faster and the course is more robust. Currently, in eminent school, I finger that the language curriculum is alarming. We go at a very sluggish pace yet nothing is kept on because the activities appear digressive and disengaging. Additionally, nobody really cares about larning an antithetic language here in high school. I was inquiring exactly how universities instruct alien language.

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Answer by Nicholas G
Thankfully, I had a wonderful French teacher for most of my high school years. I personally happened University classes easier likened to hers. I didn’t take first level college classes though, so I can’t state you how those were. The gray one I took was just an ample grammar review, and I basked it. The one I’m in now is close-grained tuning my French, concentrating on ad hoc complications English users experience when larning/seeking to talk french. We also do grammar & composing but the grammar isn’t instructed, we just got over the problems

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