Question by karo_yo: How does interpretation works at the United Nations ?
I’m writing a magazine about translation and interpretation and I want to know more about the interpretation at the UN.

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Answer by Doethineb
There are two forms of interpreting: (1)sitting in a booth with headphones and letting the words in one language pass through your brain while you keep talking in the language into which you are to interpret. It’s only possible to do this for shortish bursts, so interpreters work in teams of two. Afterwards the interpreter tends to have no recollection of what was said.

(2) Consecutive interpreting involves listening face to face and then translating the words into the other language. Here you have to remember what you’ve heard in order to be able to repeat it.

There is also something called conference précis writing, when you sit in at a conference, jot notes and summarise the general meaning of what was said. This saves time and is appropriate when it isn’t of vital importance for listeners to be aware of every word uttered.

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