Question by treefingers53: How does one go about becoming a translator?
I want to learn arabic and eventually work abroad as a freelance translator but none of my local community colleges have arabic language classes. Are there colleges that teach more obscure languages than french or spanish?
What exactly is the process like in doing this?

Any helpful advice is appreciated.

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Answer by grayure
I’ve done this, though my second language is not currently good enough to do it right now. I started by responding to small ads for translators by companies who didn’t want to spend money on professionals and also worked for educational charities for a while. I also helped out a friend who was translating for a living. The next stage would have been to do the Institute of Linguists exams (here in England)

So far as learning the language is concerned, i just knock them off in my spare time really. The easiest thing is to watch children’s programmes in the language and to speak the language exclusively with native speakers. If you can’t get that sort of exposure, the chances are the translation won’t be very good anyway. I would go for Japanese if i were you, rather than Arabic.

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