Question by COREY R: How effectual are online language courses at university level?
I want to take Russian at Georgia Tech, but the only class that fits into my schedule is an online course. The catalog says that it meets one hour per week, and I assume the rest is online. Has anyone taken a course like this, and how hard would it be? My concern is the lack of face time with the professor, and possible problems related to the inability to speak with people as often. Never taken college level language, or russian before, but am studying a little ahead of time.

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Answer by Steve L
I took French online. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Japanese. I realized that I was not really learning French. If you goal is to really learn Russian you must go and listen to Russian and make it part of your life. If you don’t give a crap and need it for a foreign language requirement take the online course. It was easy for me that way. It is all about what you want from the course. Language is incredible complex, you can not do it with out submersion into the language. If your goal is Russian fluency take it from a trilingual YOU MUST GO TO CLASS AND LEARN FROM A PERSON.

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