Question by that barefooted weirdo: How legit do you believe the dream interpretation sites are?
All the time in this section I see people refer to that instead of using their own opinion, so, how much of that professional-answer stuff is crap?

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Answer by Silent Spring R. Carson
OOOOO, I tend to almost never look at the sites for answers. I use Jungian analysis to interpret my dreams and others. I am disappointed when I ask about a dream and people respond with the dream-database sites because I asked on Y!A to have personal answers.As an interpreter I know the one or two sentences that people often insert about their waking lives are the key to giving a correct interpretation. So much of dreams are personal symbols and the dreamer knows what the dream is referring to even if they want help with aspects of it.The sites completely leave out personal aspect and as a result they are often incorrect, or overgeneral to be of real help.

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