Question by hunnybunny_lc: How recollective did it move you to acquire another language?
For all those bilingual/multilingual people who did not grow up speaking another language, how long did it take you to learn another language, and what did you do to learn it? (By “learning” I mean you are able to write/speak quite fluently.) Thanks!P.S. I am learning Italian, so any tips on learning this language would be appreciated!

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Answer by Thyena
i spoke french and creole when i came here at like 11. and my step dad found out that i liked doing those word search puzzles. so he bought me this book of 300 and gave it to me.Then he told me as an extra bonus, i get to look up every word in the english/french dictionary and learn at least 10 each night or else i wouldn’t get fed LOLno i kid. but i had done some crazy shit and that was his ingenious idea..but um i was holding normal conversations within 2.5 months of being here. and people always tell me that it doesn’t even sound like I’m “foreign” w/e the fuck that means.anyways, yeah i don’t think your dedicated enough or being punished to do some crazy thing like that but I’m just making time till i have to get ready for work. (=

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