Question by Sr: How recollective does it act to go a Sign language interpreter?
i know it varies from person to program and stuff but give me a clue or idea? the college im going to attend is a sign language training program that grants you an A.A degree. how long does it take to complete this? and also how much do starting interpreters earn? typically. thanks for any advice

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Answer by NikkiBay8
By AA degree do you mean Associate’s degree? If so, it will take two years. But here’s the thing, anybody can become an interpreter, even if you haven’t taken any formal training classes. You just have to know the language and be able to ‘interpret.’ They will give you a test to see how much you know and place you in a level which will determine who you will interpret for (doctor’s appointments, college classes, etc…). You can even take classes for each category (they offer ones like medical terminology interpreting). It varies from state to state, though, so you have to look it up on the internet for where you can find these classes and tests.As far as pay, it can range anywhere from $ 40-$ 100 per hour. Good luck!

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