Question by Ms. Mystery: How many language credits should I demand to have for my major?
I am starting college this coming fall and plan to major in physical therapy with a bachelor’s in psychology.I have taken 4 years of spanish in highschool but i’m pretty sure i’ll have to take it in college too because psychology is in the liberal arts section. How many language credits should I be expecting to need for my bachelor’s?

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Answer by E.H.
It all depends on the school you go to. Different schools have different requirements, so you’ll have to check your college’s website. Also, most schools offer placement tests, that test your knowledge of the language in order to place you in the right level. If you’ve taken 4 years of Spanish, you may know enough to get credit for and be able to skip beginners Spanish and move up to intermediate if you do well enough on the placement examine. So make sure to explore your college’s website for that too or ask your advisor about it.

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