Question by Mizz G: How much should I charge for indited translation?
The expatriate church called up and asked me to translate a document in Indonesian, about fourteen pages long, single-spaced, into English, double-spaced. (Indonesian is about 33% longer than English). I live in Indonesia and speak both Indonesian and English as my native tongue, and although English is widely understood my ability to write a translation into English–including excellent grammar and translation of expressions–is quite rare. Please note: the translation I’m asked to do contains a lot of spiritual vocabulary, so it is quite specialised.The church asks me how much I would charge them for the work. Can you please give me an idea, how much does such a translation cost per page, or per word, in your area. Rupiah (no, not Rupee) would be mostly helpful but I don’t mind answers in US Dollars, AU Dollars, GB Pound, or Euro.

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Answer by LetMeBe
If I were you, I’d charge according to what the courts charge for translation services (its a good guideline), depending where you live, and I think it’s usually charged by the hour.

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