Question by tryharder: How should I construe “doing a better job of salvaging” hither? Is my interpretation right?
My interpretation by that is that he/she tries to save more money for retirement? Is this correct? Please see context below———————–Building up my savings back up-Paying down my credit card debt-Meeting my monthly expenses -Working harder to keep my current job-Doing a better job of saving for retirement

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Answer by bfalls
I think you’re partway there. The trouble is that most of us try to save more (and eat less, exercise more, all that good stuff) but many of us don’t actually do a better job. Instead of “trying” consider focusing on “finding effective ways…” For example, it works better to have your employer or your bank put x dollars of your pay or your checking account into savings automatically every month than just to rely on your good intentions, memory, and will power to put away what’s “left over” at the end of the month (ha!).

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