10 20, China Oil And Chemical Industry Association launch of “petroleum and chemical industrial restructuring guidance,” and “petroleum and chemical industry, technological guidance supporting the revitalization” (cited to as “guidance”). It is the revitalization plan unveiled ten industries, the domesticated first guide organization by the Association fixed a detailed restructuring guidance. Two for the fresh relinquished “guidance”, the China Petrochemical Association, the carrying away of the interpretation.

Restructuring To race against time Mid-mentioned adjustment of industrial structure, the year of utmost urgency. Quickly speed up the adjustment is everyone’s agreement.

Li Yongwu Petrochemical Association said: “The rapid development of China’s petrochemical industry in the process, some long-term accumulation of contradictions and problems are becoming increasingly spectacular. Unreasonable product structure, industrial layout rather scattered and weak capacity of independent innovation, resources and increasing environmental constraints. must be determined for industries, products and organizational structure of the major adjustments to adapt to

Economy Globalization and sustainable development and demand. ”

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Li Yongwu in the General Assembly on the “guidance” to interpret.

Vice president of Pande Run Petrochemical, said, since the second half of 2008, the International

Financial crisis Drag the world’s petroleum and chemical industry into the business cycle of downwards cycle. However, through careful analysis, we can find different products by the financial crisis are very different level. In contrast, high-finished products suffered from the impact is much smaller than the low-end commodities. According to statistics, from July 2008 to December, prices fell 40% soda ash, phosphorus prices fell 41%,

Methanol Prices fell 46.5%, down 64.8% SBR, BR fell 65.6%. The price fell just 3.3% polycarbonate, polyether prices fell 11.3%, down 15.2% EPDM rubber. This shows that the only speed up structural adjustment, increase the proportion of high-end products in order to improve the industry’s ability to resist risks. From another perspective, the financial crisis has also brought us the opportunity to promote structural adjustment. Who lost no time in implementing the product structure, organizational structure, the restructuring of industrial distribution and eliminate the backward production capacity, introduction of new products and technologies will come to the development of post-grab for the recovery of the opportunities to win the initiative. It is for this reason, structural adjustment must race against time.

From historic experience, previous major economic and financial crisis are a major reshuffle of the process is between countries and enterprises to re-adjust the strength and position, the shift in the process, but also rearward economies surprised up with advanced economies body of a good opportunity. Only to speed up structural adjustment, the future of the petrochemical industry to seize the dominating heights of international competition, won the competition opportunities.

Pande Run said: “Now, all over the country are in the implementation of the country,” the petrochemical industry restructuring and revitalization plan “to implement the revitalization of many areas of planning requirements, also have developed the region’s petrochemical (chemical) industry revitalization plan. However, some parts of the revitalization plan announced by the situation of the structural adjustment of the situation not only optimistic, but even more worried. because if planning implemented in accordance with these places, blind, repeated constructions not only can not be restrained, but also to the irrational structure of the situation deteriorate further. to PVC, for example, a plan of the PVC production capacity nearly 500 million tons, while the other regional planning capacity of 3 million tons of polyvinyl chloride, also supporting the building of caustic soda, calcium carbide plant. Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, an enterprise intends to build 300,000 tons / year vulcanization

Dye , The scale of the global market have more than the supply. Planning and construction of new coal chemical industry in full swing, the current system of national planning and construction of charred


Capacity has reached 20 million t / yr, natural gas, coal capacity of 31.21 billion m3 / year. There are even more prominent, such as a place in less than 20 kilometers away from the region, plans to build two 100 tons of soda ash project, in terms of ecological, market, and transportation of all angles are identical unreasonable. This is why structural adjustment appear to be more urgent. “

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