Question by zih9588: How to become a professional interpreter?
What do i need to become qualified to be the very best? What do I need to do right now to become a professional highly paid interpeter/translator? I want to work for my self and have a business firm??

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Answer by Rosemarie C
I don’t know what country you are in but almost any foreign country has an interpreting school. Other countries outside of the United States are used to speaking more than one language. Americans are not very good with or supporting language learning–sorry USA! You can find really good schools in France and Switzerland–they are very rigorous. There are a couple places in the USA, most notably the Monterey Institute for International Studies in California. They are very reputable. It helps to be certified. Get as much experience and practice as you can speaking, reading, writing in both your native language and a foreign language. A teacher once told me that it’s important to know your native language well–speaking, grammar, etc., well before embarking on being an translator/interpreter. You can’t be making mistakes. Also there is Middlebury College in Vermont–not an interpreting school, but it can help you perfect your language. The best is living in the country of your foreign language. Interpreters are needed in DC and New York. As a freelancer, it may not be a high paying position. Most of my friends have other jobs on the side. Try some research on the internet. They have associations for translators and interpreters that give loads of info on how to become one and what to expect. This is a good business to start. Maybe look into business courses to get you started. I hope this helps.

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