Question by bleepbloorpbleep: How to become a translator for military?
For a female… If that makes any difference at all, what exactly do I have to do to become a translator??? Good idea or bad?
I was told that the military teaches you the languages you need to know, then deports you to said country to translate for various things… Is that incorrect?

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Answer by majgross
Are you talking about enlisting and getting an MOS that deals with languages or do you already speak a language and you want to be a contractor. The first of these, you need to see a recruiter and take the necessary tests to see if you qualify for an MI MOS with a language requirement. If you want to be a contractor, you should do a search on google for contract linguist jobs.

Edit: I see you want to enlist. As the second response said, you need to see a recruiter. He will explain to you that you need to take the ASVAB to determine that you are qualified to enlist and score well enough to serve in a Military Intelligence (MI) MOS. Those are the only MOS that have language usage. Then you will need to take the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) which tests your ability to learn a language. Assuming you do well on this, then you can enlist for an appropriate MOS and in some cases you may pick your language. Often the Army assigns you a language. Then you attend BCT, DLI for your language, and finally your MOS school. Then you are assigned to a unit where you possibly never make use of your new found language skill! You will deploy when your unit deploys.

We don’t “deport” soldiers anywhere. Illegal aliens are deported.

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