Question by Booboo: How to demonstrate sign language in a speech?
I will do a demonstrative speech on how to do sign language in speech class. I know sign language that I use to communicate with my autistic sister. I am just nervous how to write out my outline for the speech like the intro. I will probably show them uncomplicated sign languages like emotions or informal things. Just dont know how to get down it or end it.

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Answer by Raels1
i would be inclined to start with saying something about your sister and the fact that it seems to be or is the best way you can both communicate. then perhaps state them how easygoing or arduous, whichever the case is/was for you, you could then perhaps demo a couple of examples of uncomplicated sentences like ‘i love you’, “are you blistering/stale”, ‘do you desire a drink etc’. to pear-shaped off perhaps tell them how valuable it has been and the importance of communicating rather than disregarding people less auspicious than a way we all do some form of sign language, particularly if you are in an alien country by indicating to something (much as fruit/vegetable, maps etc) then the quantity by setting up our fingers and the same can go for the cost. appear around at people and you will happen this is so even when we talk the same clunky language.hope this has been some assist.good luck

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