Question by neoarabian: How to build a service offering in the language/translation market ?
I am trying to kick-start a business that delivers language services mainly for other businesses . How can I develop a detailed service offering ( service , internal workflows , marketing …etc ) to be a reference to my firm and my partners ?I noticed that many translation firms have no “Translator” or “Linguist” or “Localizer” as a job title for their workers, they have instead preferred to use “Project Manager” and other titles.I have a degree in translation with some freelancing experience but still I want to formalize an useful material for my firm to be run and guided clearly.From what I know , Canada is a heaven for firms providing language and translation services due to many factors. I would appreciate help from a Canadian practicing translator or any other person with reasonable experience.Services planned are translation, proofing and naming consultancy (as in branding)

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Answer by Dion
Microsoft uses this type of service and calls it Localization. You could try to fill any niche that isn’t already served.

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